Drupal Enterprise 7: Formatting Text for Accessibility

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 configuration.


Rich text fields have a formatting bar above the text field. Use the formatting bar to format your text.
In order to ensure that your content is accessible, it is important that you use the Format menu on the toolbar to make your content accessible.


From the University's Accessibility website:

Heading tags are intended to convey a document's structure and aid navigation for screen reader and screen magnification users. Heading tags should never be used to control font characteristics. Failure to use heading tags for their intended purpose or in a logical and consistent manner may negatively impact comprehension and navigation for some users.
Use Heading 1 to indicate the title, topic, or purpose of each page.
Repeat all or part of Heading 1 in the title element.
Use Heading 2 to indicate main sections of the document.
Use Heading 3 to indicate sub-sections.
Use Headings 4, 5, and 6 to indicate sub-sub-sections.

For more information on making your content accessible, please refer to the accessibility website: Core Skills for Headings