Drupal Enterprise 7: Edit the Placement of Links in a Menu

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 configuration.

Drupal is highly customizable, and your site may have different steps for completing the task. Additionally, your role in Drupal may not have the proper permissions to complete the task. Contact your site administrator for additional information.

  1. Click Menu in the Administrator toolbar.
  2. Click Structure in the Menu toolbar.
  3. Click Menus.
  4. Click edit menu for the menu you wish to change.
    • Normally, the menu you will be editing is the Main Menu.
  5. Click and hold the Compass-points icon to the left of the menu link you wish to move.
    the compass point icon
  6. Drag the menu link so it is underneath the link you wish to have as the parent link.
  7. Drag the menu link to the right to position it as a child link for the link above it.
    • Note: When you move a parent link, the children links will follow along.
  8. Click Save.