Drupal Enterprise 7: Edit Permissions for Group Roles

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 Groups configuration.

Group permissions are in addition to Drupal's core permissions system. Typically, group permissions cannot give a user permission to do something that they don't already have from Drupal's core permissions. Group permissions are best used to restrict access and functionality.

This is the ninth of ten tasks in Creating a New Content Type.

Additionally, your role in Drupal may not have the proper permissions to complete the task. Contact your site administrator for additional information.


  1. Click Menu in the Administrator toolbar.
    Drupal administrator toolbar. The Menu option is highlighted. 
  2. Click Configuration in the Menu bar.
     Configuration button

  3. Click OG permissions overview in the Organic Groups category.
    The Organic Groups menu. The menu includes OG context, OG field settings, OG membership types, OG permissions overview, and OG roles overview. The OG permissions overview option is highlighted.
  4. Click edit.
    Organic Groups permissions overview page. Edit is highlighted. 
  5. Make any changes you wish to the permissions assigned to the group roles.

    Note: Any change to the permissions here will affect all groups on the site unless a group is set to override default roles and permissions.

  6. Click Save permissions.

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