Drupal Enterprise 7: Edit the Layout for an Existing Content Type (with Panelizer)

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 (DE7) configuration.

Displaying content using panels requires three things: fields, a layout, and the mapping of those fields to the layout. These instructions are for selecting and applying a layout.

This is the fourth of ten tasks in Creating a New Content Type.

Additionally, your role in Drupal may not have access to this tool. Contact your site administrator for additional information.


  1. Click Menu in the Administrator toolbar.
  2. Click Structure in the Menu toolbar.
  3. Click Content types link under Structure.
    Screenshot of Content types link

  4. Click edit in the Operations column next to the content type you want to edit.
    Screenshot of some of the operations available when working with Content types. Some of the operations include: edit, manage fields, and manage display. The Edit link is highlighted.
  5. Click the Panelizer tab.
    Screenshot of the Panelizer tab.
  6. Click Full Page Override in the upper right-hand corner.
    Panelizer menu for content types. The options include Allowed content, Full page override, Default, Teaser, Featured, and Front. Full page override is highlighted.

    Note: the Full Page Override panel controls the display of a page's content when the viewer is on that page. Other panels will control the display of a page's content when it is referenced in other ways across the site (e.g. in an automated list, an RSS feed, featured on the homepage, etc.)
  7. Click Layout in the upper right-hand corner.
     Content type full page override settings. Options include Settings, Context, Layout, Content, and Breadcrumbs. Layout is highlighted.

  8. Select Panopoly in the Category drop-down menu.
    Screenshot of the Category drop-down menu. Options include Builders, Columns: 1, Columns: 2, Columns: 3, and Panopoly. Panopoly is highlighted.
    • Panopoly layouts are tested against all the major web browsers and include responsive design. Strongly consider using only Panopoly layouts for your site.
  9. Click the layout you wish to apply.
  10. Click Continue. You will see a preview of the new layout with the display panes assigned to the regions associated with the new layout.
  11. Click SaveYou will see the new layout with display panes in one or more regions. You will also be in the Content tab instead of the Layout tab.

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