Drupal Enterprise 7: Copy/Paste into Rich Text fields

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 configuration.

In the University's standard Drupal 7 installation, some fields in the content forms support rich text, and have a WYSIWYG toolbar for formatting and manipulating text.


There are six tools on the editing toolbar related to the manipulation of text.

the text editing tools on the wysiwyg toolbar

From left to right, these are:

Cut. Highlight text and use this button to cut the text from the current location and place it on the clipboard

Copy. Highlight text and use this button to create a copy of the the text and place it on the clipboard (leaving the original in the current location)

Paste. Use this button to paste the contents of the clipboard into the current location

Remove Formatting. Use this button to remove formatting from selected text.

Paste as Plain Text. This button will strip out most formatting before pasting the text into the text field. This button is a toggle, and will deactivate after you have pasted the text.

Paste from Word. This button will open a modal dialog box where you can paste content you've copied from Microsoft Word. Paste your content into the window, click Insert, and the tool will attempt to remove the extraneous coding information that is included when you copy from Microsoft Word.

Occasionally, this tool does not remove the extra information, and your pasted content will look incorrect. If this is the case, remove the text you've pasted, and use the Paste as Plain Text button instead.

Note: If you are copying text from another application (i.e., Word, Google Docs, etc), and having problems formatting the text properly, try using an intermediary "pure text" application.

  1. Copy the text from the source application
  2. Open TextEdit (Mac) or NotePad (Windows)
  3. Paste the text into TextEdit/NotePad
  4. Copy the text
  5. Paste the text into the Drupal field