Drupal Enterprise 7, 8: Improve Your Site's Performance

As you develop your Enterprise Drupal site, you may notice that pages load slowly. This is more likely to be true the larger or more complicated your site is. There are several factors to check to ensure that your site's performance is good.

  • Check Aggregate and compress CSS files and Aggregate Javascript files, under Configuration>Performance-Bandwidth optimization.
  • Enable the Fast 404 module, to ensure that a page not being found does not bring down your performance.
    • If you are expecting a large number of visitors, this also increases the risk of a high volume of 404 errors.
  • If your Drupal Enterprise 7 site uses views, enable the Views Litepager module.
  • Disable the Devel module if you are not using it.
  • Request a health check on your site by sending email to [email protected].
  • If you are going live with your site on a specific date, notify [email protected] so that we can add the data to Acquia's event calendar for increased monitoring, and request that uptime monitoring be enabled.

Note: All of the modules mentioned above are included in the base installation for all Enterprise Drupal sites.