Downloads and Guides: Connect to AnyConnect VPN for Windows Mobile

Follow these instructions to connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Cisco AnyConnect client for Windows Mobile (6.1, 6.0, and 5.0):

  1. Tap Start, and then Programs, and then Cisco AnyConnect.
  2. You will see "Connect to: tc-vpn€”" Tap Connect.

    Note: You may see cluster load balancer names in your browser such as InfoTech-OD-06-v972, InfoTech-OD-07-v972, TelecomB-OD-08-v972, or TelecomB-OD-08-v972. However, you should only connect to

  3. You will see "Warning: Could not verify certificate." Tap Accept.
  4. In the Group field, select AnyConnect-UofMvpn.
  5. In the Username field, enter your Internet ID.
  6. In the Password field, enter your password.
  7. Tap Connect.

Disconnect from Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

  1. Select the VPN icon.
  2. Tap Disconnect.