Downloads and Guides: Connect to AnyConnect VPN for iOS and Android Devices

Once you've downloaded the App, follow the instructions below to connect to the VPN. Both Full and Split Tunnel VPN Pools and certain Departmental Pools require Duo Two Factor Authentication to connect, using Duo and VPN is outlined in VPN: Using Duo Append Mode with Cisco AnyConnect. For assistance in connecting, including Login Failed messages, contact Technology Help for assistance.

  1. Tap on Connections, then tap on Add New VPN Connection.
  2. Tap on Description, then Add a description (optional).
    Tap on Server Address, then type Click Done.
  3. In 'VPN Connections', select the appropriate entry 'UMN - Split Tunnel - General Access VPN Pool', 'AnyConnect-UofMvpnFull', 'UMN - Departmental Pools', or 'UofM VPN'.
  4. Slide the 'AnyConnect VPN' button to ON.
  5. For Departmental Pools or UofM VPN, tap the 'Group' pull-down menu and select the appropriate VPN Pool to connect to.
    1. To connect to the Split-Tunnel VPN, select 'AnyConnect-UofMSplit', or to connect to the Full-Tunnel VPN, select 'AnyConnect-UofMvpnFull'.
  6. Enter your Internet ID and password, on the 'AuthenticationBar', tap 'Connect'.
  7. Verify that the status line says 'Connected'.