Connect via VPN in Ubuntu

This article will assist users who are running Ubuntu in connecting to the UMN Network via VPN.

  1. To check if the VPNC package has been installed on the Ubuntu machine, run the command "dpkg -l vpnc" (lowercase L). If the output is "No packages found matching vpnc." then VPNC is already installed.
  2. To install, run the following commands:
    • sudo -s (input the account password when prompted to elevate permissions)
    • apt-get install vpnc
  3. Prior to running VPNC, the user enters sudo -s in the command line and enters account password to elevate their permissions.
  4. Type vpnc and hit Enter. Fill in the prompts as follows:
    • IPSec gateway address:
    • IPSec ID: UofMvpn
    • IPSec Secret: S3cur1ty!
    • Username: Internet ID
    • Password: Internet ID password
  5. To disconnect from the UMN vpn, type "vpnc-disconnect" in bash.