Computer & Technology Recycling: Schedule a Pickup

OIT provides recycling pickup and processing to our supported units and departments via our Desktop Support Teams. 

Supported units have their computer assets' lifecycles tracked and updated through our IT Asset Management system, therefore they need to be processed by our team.

If your department is supported by OIT, please send the following information to [email protected]:

  • An approximate list of how many computers (desktops and laptops) and/or desktop printers you wish to have picked up
  • An approximation of how many peripherals (keyboards, mice, webcams, cables, etc) 
  • Location of recycling pickup
  • List a contact person for the appointment

A ticket will be created and forwarded to Desktop Support and they will make an appointment to retrieve the items.


If you are from a non-supported  department or unit:

Contact Dynamic Recycling directly, and they will pick up your equipment at any Twin Cities campus location.

To schedule a pick-up contact Dynamic by emailing [email protected] (preferred method) or calling toll free at 877-781-4030

When scheduling your appointment, you will need to provide the following:

  • Your location/building/address
  • Your unit/department name
  • Main point of contact for service (Name, Email Address, Phone number)
  • Your availability and/or requested time of pick up
  • Brief equipment description (lab or test equipment, workstation, laptop, miscellaneous parts, etc.)
  • Approximate # of items to be picked up
  • If lab equipment, does any material contain mercury? (Old CRT monitors usually do)

Note: Since Dynamic charges for each pick up, it is recommended that to contact them when you have a large amount of items to collect.


Have recycling needs and are unsure who you are supported by?  Technology Help is happy to assist you 24/7 through email, chat or phone. Go to for contact information.