College of Design Service: Database-Driven Application Development and Reporting


This article provides a user perspective on the CDes computer labs and classrooms service.

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Reference Material

CDes IT provides limited application development services primarily focusing on database-driven applications built on Microsoft Access or the .Net web platforms. These applications depend on data stored in a Microsoft SQL server administered by and shared with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). Database applications are usually workgroup-specific. Most are for the student services arm of the college, but some are used across the college (e.g. lock access list management, etc.). The databases are stored on the shared G: drive in the Databases folder dedicated to that purpose. Access rights are managed accordingly. Some databases are in a special folder at the "root" of the department's storage called COLLAB which indicates that the database is shared with at least one other department in the college. Web-based applications are hosted on an OIA virtual server running Microsoft Server 2008 and IIS.

Recently, the college has begun developing web applications to support business processes using the WorkFlowGen (WFG) platform. At this point, there is only one active WFG application: a design minor application process for our student services organization.

Beyond application development, we also provide assistance in producing reports from data in the university's data warehouse. These are typically for HR and student services. The college's finance department has an individual who does ad-hoc financial reporting.

Hours of service: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.