CLA Accessing the CLA FileMaker Server from the Filemaker Application

  1. From FileMaker 14 or later, choose "Open Remote..." from the "File" menu.
  2. Pick "Favorite Hosts" from the "View:" list and click "Add...".
  3. In the "Edit Favorite Host" dialog, enter in the address field and enter the server name as CLA FileMaker Server.
  4. If you'd like your users to see only your files, enter the file names in the lower part of the dialog, one per line. Save the server settings and in the first dialog, select the CLA FileMaker Server from the left side and pick the file you wish to open on the right.
  5. If your database is hidden, select the server it is hosted on, then enter the full name of the file in the "Network File Path" box and click "Open" (see second picture below).

Once you have connected to your file using the method above, the file will appear in your "Open Recent" menu for easy access.

Please make sure your files that contain any potential private data have unique account usernames and passwords (no multi-person, generic accounts).
Escalation path:  T2 CLA (LATIS)

Author: Elleni Fellows