Cisco VPN: Using VPN Before Logon on Windows 10


This article will go through the basics of using the VPN before logging into a device that has been shipped directly to a persons home and they have not logged into that device before.


  1. Plug your computer into a power source.
  2. Power on the device.
    • Connect to your home WiFi connection once the computer is booted, you will see a network icon in the lower right corner.
    • Clicking on this network icon should bring up a list of available WiFi networks.  Choose your home network and connect as you would normally on any device.
  3. Now we can connect to the VPN by clicking on the icon that appears to be two laptops or monitors.
  4. This should start the VPN connection, you'll first see a connecting screen.
  5. Next it should prompt you to connect to the UMN - First Time Logon VPN tunnel.  Enter your normal internet id and password at this prompt.
  6. After login prompt you will be asked to sign in using DUO.
  7. You'll receive a pop up to indicate you're on a VPN connection which is only intended for first logon or password reset.
  8. Once you click accept you should be able to log into your device as normal.

Additional Help

If these step do not help you connect to the first logon VPN or if you experience issues please contact 1-Help.