Checklist for Publishing Knowledge

Process and Procedures

  • Article is unique. See Search for Duplicate Knowledge.
  • Curated content is properly referenced and has effective context. See Use Curated Content.
  • Author has collaborated with knowledge owner and other stakeholders
  • Article is technically accurate, up-to-date, and complete


Article Subject (title)

  • Summarizes article contents
  • Starts with the service or application name and version number(s) followed by a colon (when applicable)
  • Uses the active voice, e.g., create, assign, secure
  • Is 10 words or less
  • Uses title case
  • Uses words customers might search on


  • First paragraph is a description that provides context for what follows
  • Audience is clearly defined and is addressed as "you"
  • Paragraphs are short
  • Sentences are concise and easy to scan 
  • Sentences are grammatically correct and contain no typos
  • Language is simple and uses commonly understood terms 
  • Acronyms and abbreviations are defined on first use
  • No jargon is used unless understood by intended audience
  • Tables have header rows
  • Content contains words customers might search on
  • Content is well ordered; topics and subtopics are in a logical sequence
    • Topic and subtopic titles 
      • Are formatted as headings and are not bold
      • Use "ing" verbs when describing a process
    • Series items are in list format 
      • Use numbers for steps​ or when item order matters
        • Steps start with a verb
      • Use bullets when item order doesn't matter
  • Content is directed to the appropriate audience throughout the article
  • Application interface terms are referenced just as they appear in the interface
  • Application interface terms are in bold


  • Link text clearly references the target content
  • Links go to the correct location whether internal or external 
    • Links to other KB articles use the TDX URL, not the URL.
  • Email addresses are spelled out and linked
  • Long articles with two or more headings have a table of contents (TOC) that uses internal anchor links, unless the article is short
  • Links to other articles or resources open in a new window


  • Images are uploaded, not pasted in.
  • Images are cropped and sized appropriately
  • Images have a 1-pixel border set in TDX (which will be stripped out when published to
  • Images are accessible
  • Images are associated with the step they define
  • Videos have transcripts or closed captioning

TDX Article Settings

  • Change the Category to either Published Articles
  • Use the first sentence of the article for the Summary
  • Add any for appropriate technologies as Tags
  • Set a Next Review Date
  • Set the appropriate Group as Owner, based on agreement between stakeholders
  • Check Notify Owner on Feedback
  • Add Knowledge Internal Notes as appropriate.

TDX Article Content