Checklist for Approving Internal Knowledge

Process and Procedures

  • Article is unique. See Search for Duplicate Knowledge.
  • Author has collaborated with knowledge owner and other stakeholders.
  • Curated content is properly referenced and has effective context. See Use Curated Content.
  • Article is technically accurate, up-to-date, and complete.


Article Title

  • Leads with the service or application name and version number(s) followed by a colon (when applicable)
  • Summarizes article contents




  • Images are uploaded (not pasted in)
  • Images are accessible
  • Images are associated with the step they define
  • Images have a TDX-generated 1 pixel border (set in Insert/Modify Image window) to define edges when necessary

TDX Settings

  • Article is in the appropriate Category
  • Owner is set to a Group and selected based on agreement between stakeholders
  • Tags include any appropriate technologies or services.
  • Next Review Date is set
  • Notify Owner on Feedback is checked.