Canvas: Use the Section Enrollment tool

There is a new external tool in Canvas that can be used to add students to manually created sections in a Canvas course site. It allows the instructor or TA to move student names from the full course list to one of the manually created sections. The Section Enrollment (BETA) tool needs to be added to the course menu if it is not already there. Non-PeopleSoft sections need to be created or already exist in the Course Settings --> Sections tab.

Add the Section Enrollment (BETA) tool to the Course Navigation

  1. Click Course Settings in the course menu list.
  2. Click the App tab.
  3. Locate the Section enrollment (BETA) tool.  Section Enrollment tool icon.
  4. Follow the instructions to activate and place the tool on the course menu, Disabled.
  5. Change to the Navigation tab.
  6. Locate the Section Enrollment block. Click to expand the 3-dot action menu, and click Enable.
  7. Click and hold your mouse on the Section enrollment (BETA) block; drag and drop it where you wish in the course menu.

Use the Section Enrollment tool to move students into sections

  1. Click on the Section Enrollment (BETA) tab in the course menu.
  2. On the next page, select a manually created section from the Select a Section menu.
  3. Select students from the Available Users list on the left by clicking on their name. Hold down the Ctrl key (in Windows) and Command key (on Mac) to select multiple users.
  4. Then click the Move caret to send them into the Enrolled in Section list on the right.
  5. To move student(s) back to the Available Users list; select them from the Enrolled in Section list and use the Remove caret to move them back.

The Available Users list only shows 100 students at a time. If your class is large, click the Page Views numbers to reveal more.

This tool works best in Firefox. It does NOT work in Edge or Internet Explorer (IE).