Canvas Transition: Validate Links Imported from Moodle

You can use the Validate Links in Content tool to search all your content for any remaining broken links.

Most often these are direct links to Moodle resources or links that reference a resource in the course backup file. These links can often be fixed.

Validating Links

  1. Click Settings in the Canvas course menu.
  2. Click Validate Links in Content in the Sidebar.
  3. Click Start Link Validation.
    • The process may take a moment to run. When it's ready you'll get a list of the broken links, if any, sorted by the piece of content in which they exist. Each piece of content identified will be linked so you can go to it and see the broken link in context.
    • There are 2 common types of broken links that can be fixed:
      1. A direct link to a Moodle resource. This type of link begins where XX is the last 2 digits of an academic year and ZZ is the rest of the URL.
        1. Copy and paste the URL into a new browser tab.
        2. Determine what the link is pointing to.
        3. Update the link in Canvas to point to an equivalent resource.
      2. The backup file resource link. This link will contain a pair of $'s separated by an @ and additional text.
        1. Go to the original course.
        2. Determine what the link is pointing to.
    • Most other types of broken links (websites that no longer exist, YouTube videos that have been removed, etc.) cannot be fixed.
      1. Determine an alternative resource if available.
      2. Update the link in Canvas to point to the new resource.
  4. Run the validator once more time to be sure all broken links have been updated or removed.