Canvas Transition: Review and Change Quiz Options

As in Moodle, there are a variety of options for Quizzes in Canvas. Some of the Moodle options transition well, others don't. Review the options in Canvas to be sure the quiz is functioning as intended.

It is not as easy to scale the value of an entire quiz in Canvas as it is in Moodle.

  • Scaling can still be accomplished by editing the value of each individual question on a quiz.
  • Alternatively, you can weight the entire quiz a certain percentage of the course by putting the quiz in its own assignment group.

Reviewing and Changing Quiz Options

  1. Go to the Course menu.
    • Click Quizzes.
  2. Click on the Quiz you want to review.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Note the point value of the quiz at the top. Does it match the Max Grade in Moodle?
    • The point value of a quiz that has been transitioned from Moodle should match the Max Grade from Moodle. If it does not match, it is because Canvas always uses the sum of point values from all questions in a quiz to determine the possible points. 
  5. Change Quiz Type to Graded Quiz
  6. Change Assignment Group to match the Moodle grade category if the quiz is not already in the correct group.
  7. Change the Display Grade As to match Moodle's Grade Type. In Canvas:
    • If Moodle was Point, select Points.
    • If Moodle was None, select Not Graded.