Canvas Transition: Note Moodle Gradebook Settings

Many gradebook settings will not transfer to Canvas so once your course has been transferred, you will need to adjust settings manually to align with Moodle.

Checking Gradebook Settings

  1. Go to the course homepage in Moodle.
  2. Find the Administration block.
    • Click Gradebook Setup.
  3. Note the following items:
    1. Manual grade items, which are often created for assessing in-class activities, will not transition. These are indicated by a grey pencil in a square as in the image below. You will need to recreate those in Canvas.
      Gradebook setup, manual graded item icon highlighted
    2. The Grade Category structure and whether grades have Weights.
      • Moodle supports categories and subcategories with the ability to set weighting at both levels.
      • Canvas only supports categories with the ability to set weighting. You will need to recreate the structure as closely as possible once you begin work in Canvas.
    3. The Max Grade for each item. You should end up with the same point total in Canvas unless there were graded items that did not transition or the Max Grade was manually adjusted by the instructor in Moodle.
  4. Review the Course Grade Settings
    1. Go the Administration block  
      • Click Setup & Layout if necessary
    2. Click Course grade settings.
    3. Scroll down to the Student View section.
    4. Note the setting for Show letter grades.
      1. If it's set to Hide, ignore.
      2. If it's set to Show
        • Go the Administration block  
          • Click Letter Grades
      3. Note the Grade letters structure.
        • You will need to either select or create this in Canvas.