Canvas: Start of Semester Checklist

Use this comprehensive checklist to get your course site ready for your students. 

Words of caution before you proceed.

  • DO NOT click Reset Course Content. Doing so will delete all of your course content and you will end up with an empty course shell.
  • DO NOT click Conclude this Course. Doing so will revert the course to read-only access for both you and your students.
  • DO adjust Announcement posting dates before you publish your course site. Otherwise, all Announcements will be immediately visible to students upon publishing.


Finding your course site

You can Find Your Course Site by going through MyU or directly to (Direct links to your course sites are not available in MyU.)

Creating or importing your content (choose appropriate option)

Creating your content

Create your content from scratch in Canvas. Self-Help guides are available to assist you.

If you're interested in using a course template, contact your unit's Canvas contact for available templates or review some Canvas templates that are being used by other UMN colleges.

Importing from Canvas to Canvas

You can copy an entire course site from one course to another, OR you can be more selective and import only the parts that are the same from one semester to another. 

Completing the import 

Merging / Cross-Listing Course Sites (if applicable)

Reviewing Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions

Reviewing course details

Making your site available to students