Canvas: Send Grades to PeopleSoft

This article explains how to get grades into PeopleSoft using the Send Grades to PeopleSoft item in Course Navigation (on by default). There are multiple non-student roles who have access to this course navigation item. However, only those who have grading permission set up in PeopleSoft can complete all of the instructions below.

Preparing to submit your grades to PeopleSoft

Follow all steps in Prepare to Submit Final Grades before following the instructions in this article to send grades to PeopleSoft.

Sending grades to PeopleSoft

Now that you have completed the steps in Prepare to Submit Final Grades, you are ready to send them to PeopleSoft.

  1. Go to the course navigation of your course and click Send Grades to PeopleSoft.
    Send Grades to PeopleSoft menu button
    • A Sections page will display listing the graded PeopleSoft section(s) associated with your course. 
      • The campus, subject (ENGL for English for example), course number, section, and PeopleSoft class number (in parentheses) are displayed.
      • A Final button will display that you can click on to get to the section list for that section.
        Final button next to each section in the tool
  2. Click Final to display the list of enrolled students in the section you are submitting grades for. 
    • The Current Score, Current Grade, Final Score, and Final Grade will display.
    • If the Final Grade is an F or an N, a Last Date of Participation column will display. 
      • Enter the student's last date of participation in the course. A link for Help with last date of participation will display in the upper right hand column that links to instructions on how to find the last date the student engaged in the Canvas course. 
    • If the Current and Final Scores don't match, a warning will display for that row with a link to Gradebook help.
      • The Current Score/Grade is what is displayed in the Canvas gradebook but the Final Grade is what will be sent to PeopleSoft/Faculty Center.
      • The most common reasons these won't match are when a grade item has not been unmuted or an empty grade has not been changed to zero.
        Tool interface showing Final Grade and Current Grade columns for each student in the section. Points to highlight are the "Send Grades to PeopleSoft" button, the Enter Date field for students with an F, the Help  with last date of enrollment area, and the warning for the current grade that doesn't match
      • If you are using the Final Grade Override feature, overridden grades are highlighted with an asterisk and message "Final grade overridden in the gradebook." 
      • If any of the final grades have been overridden in the gradebook using the Final Grade Override feature they will display like this when sending grades to PeopleSoft.
        overriden final grades
  3. Once the current and final scores match and the last dates of participation have been entered, click the Send Grades to PeopleSoft button to load these grades into the grade roster in PeopleSoft/Faculty Center.
    • PeopleSoft/Faculty Center will load in a new tab. If your popup blocker is turned on, a link will display at the top of the tool informing you that the grades were sent successfully and a link to PeopleSoft/Faculty Center that you can select to open Faculty Center. You may need to login again if your session has timed out.
      message that appears saying that the grades were successfully sent to Faculty Center
  4. In PeopleSoft/Faculty Center, an Upload Summary message will display indicating the total number of grades sent and how many were successfully loaded.
    • If any grades were not accepted, it will list which students and why the grades were not accepted.
      Faculty Center tab in PeopleSoft showing the Upload Summary with 1 student whose grade didn't come over correctly
  5. Click Go to Grade Roster to see your list of students and their grades.
  6. Check over your student grades one more time to make sure everything is correct. If you need to make any changes, see Editing Your Final Grades Submission below.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the final grades, change the status of the roster to Approved and click Save. Grades will be posted to the student's transcripts overnight.
    Grade status set to Approved with Save button highlighted
  8. Continue to submit grades as needed for other sections or courses.

Editing your final grades submission

You can edit the grades as many times as needed BEFORE you have changed the Grade Roster Action to Approved. 

  1. Return to the Canvas course you need to edit the final grades in.
  2. Make changes in the course site's Canvas Gradebook
  3. Follow the steps above to send grades to PeopleSoft. A new file will overwrite what you had submitted before in Faculty Center.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the final grades, change the status of the roster to Approved and click Save. Grades will be posted to the student's transcripts overnight.

Entering grades for multiple PeopleSoft sections within the same Canvas course site

If you have more PeopleSoft sections in the same Canvas course, you can go back to the browser tab that you have your Canvas course in and enter a new section.

  1. Return to the browser tab you have open with that Canvas course. You should see your previous section's grade information and a message that the grades were sent successfully.
  2. Click Back to return to your list of sections.
  3. Click Final next to the section you want to submit next.
  4. Repeat steps 2 - 5 in the Sending Grades to PeopleSoft section above.

Additional resources

  • If you have issues or questions while in Canvas, please send a message to [email protected] or call Technology Help (612-301-4357).
  • If the above instructions are not working for you, you can Export Final Grades for Upload to PeopleSoft..
  • If you have issues or questions while in Faculty Center/Grade Roster in PeopleSoft, contact the following help desks:
    • For the Twin Cities campus, please contact the ASR Training team at [email protected] or call 612- 625-2803
    • For the Duluth campus, please contact the UMD Office of the Registrar at [email protected] or 218.728.8887 for assistance
    • For the Crookston campus, please contact UMC Office of the Registrar at [email protected] or 218.281.8548 for assistance
    • For the Morris campus, please contact the UMM Office of the Registrar at [email protected] or 320.589.6030 for assistance