Canvas: Import Courses into Auto-Generated PeopleSoft Course Sites

Each semester, empty academic course sites are automatically generated for all active PeopleSoft sections for every course. These sites appear on the Canvas dashboard of the instructors and teaching assistants (TA's) assigned in PeopleSoft to teach those courses. Instructors can build course content from scratch or import content from existing course sites.

Note: Auto-generated course sites are unpublished and will not be visible to enrolled students until published by the instructor.

This article covers:

When sites are available

Canvas course sites are auto-generated and enrollment auto-updated on the following schedule every year:

  • Fall terms: April 16-Dec 31
  • Spring terms: August 1-May 31
  • Summer terms (including May term): January 3-Sep 30

    canvas course calendar

Note: Some terms sites are created long before student enrollment opens for that term.

If you cannot find your site in Canvas, verify with your department PeopleSoft scheduler that you are listed as a primary instructor for the course.

Questions about the Canvas site auto-generation process can be directed to college or campus transition support staff or [email protected]

Importing an existing Canvas course into an auto-generated site

You can import content into the auto-generated course sites from:

  • Canvas development sites
  • Canvas course sites used in previous semesters
    • Items to Note


  • You must have "teacher," "designer" or "TA" access both to the site you wish to copy and to the site you wish to import to.
  • Also no student information, including group set-ups, will import from course to course in Canvas.

This Canvas article outlines: How to copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool.

Once your content is imported, you can now work to set up your course site as you envision. Self-Help guides are available to assist you with:

Items to Note

  • Course copy (Canvas to Canvas) does not copy feature flags.
  • Some Canvas course settings will copy, e.g., course time zone, SIS ID, term, custom start or end dates, etc.
  • Some Canvas course settings will not copy, e.g., course language preference, file storage quota, and below.
    1. SCORM objects do not copy over.
    2. TurnItIn (or any external tool like LTI) will copy BUT instructors will need to visit (literally just click on it) to trigger the connection.
    3. Zoom meeting links will copy over on the imported course site's Calendar, but  they will not show up for students within the Canvas Zoom integration.
      • See Adjust import for Zoom Calendar events for details on how import a past course site that used the Zoom integration. This tutorial also shows how to clean up any old Zoom links that may be hiding in your copied course site. 
    4. LTI Redirect Tool will need to reestablish links for the new course.

    These findings hold true of other course copy/content control methods (Commons and Blueprint)€"there are settings that appear to be attributes of class instances (feature flags, above-the-fold course settings) and settings that are considered generic to all copies of the course (UI language preference, storage quota, self-enrollment settings, dashboard image, etc.).



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