Canvas: Export Final Grades for Upload to PeopleSoft

This article explains how to get grades into PeopleSoft by exporting a Canvas gradebook as a spreadsheet and uploading the spreadsheet to PeopleSoft.

You can also get your course grades to PeopleSoft using the Send Grades to PeopleSoft application that is found in Course Navigation (on by default). Both processes involve a few steps to finalize grades before sending them to PeopleSoft. 

Complete the 4 required steps to export your Canvas gradebook and upload grades into PeopleSoft Faculty Center:

Note: Grades of I, K, or X are not calculated grades and cannot be generated by the Canvas Gradebook. These can be entered manually in PeopleSoft/Faculty Center or by editing the Export Final Grades for Upload file before uploading it to PeopleSoft/Faculty Center.

Note: Users with a Proxy role in a class in PeopleSoft are not auto-enrolled into Canvas. If a Proxy with grading access in PeopleSoft needs access to a Canvas course, they must be manually enrolled by a teacher or other authorized user using the +People button on the People page in the Canvas course. Discrepancies between current and final grades in the Canvas gradebook should be resolved by instructors rather than proxies.

Finalizing Your Grades

Before you upload your grades to PeopleSoft, you need to make sure that your gradebook accurately reflects students' final grades. 

Finalizing Your Grades how-to video

  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas. 
  2. Apply a grading scheme for your course site.
  3. Make sure all grades have been released to students.
    • Check for any assignments that have been hidden for grading, indicated by an eye icon hidden grades iconnext to the assignment name in that assignment's gradebook column. 
    • Unhide any hidden assignments by posting grades. 
      1. Hover over the assignment name in the gradebook column; the vertical ellipses vertical ellipses icon will appear next to the assignment name.
      2. Click the vertical ellipses next to the assignment name and select Post Grades. A side panel will slide out from the right and say how many assignments are still hidden.
      3. Click Post. The eye icon will disappear from the assignment column, assuring you that all grades have been posted and are included in the final grades calculation.
  4. Make sure that all empty grades have been filled in with a zero. 
  5. Warning: If you are using the Final Grade Override feature be aware that overrides grades are not picked upon by this application and you will need to replace the downloaded grades with the grade you want to replace it with. You can also use the Send Grades to PeopleSoft application which does pick up overrides grades.

Exporting Final Grades for Upload

Before you can upload final grades to PeopleSoft, you first have to download them using the Export Final Grades for Upload tool.

  1. Click on Export Final Grades for Upload button on left course navigation menu:
    global and course menu with Export Final Grades for Upload highlighted
    • If you do not see "Export Final Grades for Upload" in your course navigation menu, follow these steps:
      • Click Settings in the course navigation menu.
      • Click the Navigation tab across the top of the Settings page.
        navigation tab with arrow pointing to it
      • Scroll down the list until you find Export Final Grades for Upload.
      • Click on the Edit Course Navigation icon edit course navigation icon next to Export Final Grades for Upload.
      • Click +Enable.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
      • Export Final Grades for Upload should now appear in your course navigation menu.
  2. Select the settings you need at the top of the page:
    canvas export grades to PeopleSoft
    • Choose which sections' grades to export is important for course sites that have more than one section in them. Choose Yes to download all sections which will produce a CSV file for each section roster within a zipped file. You will need to unzip the file and upload each sections CSV one at a time into PeopleSoft.
    • Include first and last name? is necessary only if you wish to double check the downloaded report. If you chose to download the CSV file with the first and last names, you will need to delete those two columns before uploading the file to PeopleSoft.
  3. Click Export Grades. The CSV file should download from the Gradebook to your computer (the CSV file is a file type that looks like a spreadsheet; this will be the file that you upload to PeopleSoft in the next set of instructions.)
  • If you chose YES for downloading all sections, or you choose more than one section within a course site with multiple sections to download, you will get a zipped file. Unzip the file and note that you must upload each CSV file separately into PeopleSoft for each graded section.
  • If the downloaded files do not show any grades, you likely did not set a grading scheme for your course. Follow the instructions in Setting a Grading Scheme and repeat the downloading process.
  • If you chose YES for downloading the file to include students first and last name, you will need to delete these two columns in the file BEFORE uploading the file to PeopleSoft.
  • For any other issues downloading the CSV file(s), contact Technology Help ([email protected]; 612-301-4357).

Uploading the CSV file(s) to PeopleSoft

  1. Find the downloaded CSV file(s) from your desktop.
  2. Follow the instructions on How to upload grades to PeopleSoft from a spreadsheet.

If you have any problems uploading the CSV files into PeopleSoft, contact Academic Support Resources (ASR) [email protected] or call 612-625-2803.