Box: Troubleshoot Box Login Issues

Sometimes when you try to access Box, you may be prompted to login to a Box screen rather than the standard University of Minnesota login page. You should not use this Box screen to login. Single Sign On (SSO) is how University accounts access Box.

Note: This article is only for problems when logging into Box. Use this link to enroll or login to Box.

Troubleshooting Box Login Issues

  1. You will be brought to what looks like a login screen. DO NOT put in your username and password. Click on the link below the Authorize button that says Use Single Sign On (SSO). The Password area goes away.
    screenshot of Box "Use Single Sign On (SSO) link
  2. Enter your full email in the Email Address area (system campuses should be using as well) and click Authorize.
    screenshot of Box "Authorize" button
    • Note: Depending on your current authentication status you may get another push from Duo.
  3. After either clicking Authorize or accepting your Duo Authentication you will be at the Box page you were attempting to access.