AppsToGo: Register your Google Drive with Kumo

You will need to register your Google Drive before accessing AppsToGo. This registration is done via a service called Kumo. Kumo will automatically connect your Google Drive to your AppsToGo session and will allow you to save files directly to your Google Drive, eliminating the need to carry around USB drives. This registration only needs to be done one time. 

Registering your Google Drive with Kumo

  1. Log in to the Kumo Service page:

    Kumo log in page with green button
    • Click Log In. The U of MN Sign In page will display.
  2. Enter your Internet ID and password. 

  3. Click Sign In.

  4. Click the Google Drive down arrow and select Authorize. The University of Minnesota Kumo will request access to View and Manage the files in your Google Drive.

    Red arrow pointing to Google Drive drop-down arrow option

  5. Select Accept (or Authorize). A green checkmark should appear next to Google Drive, indicating you have successfully registered with Kumo.  You may now close your browser window at any time. 
    Blue Accept button to give Kumo access to your University of Minnesota Google Drive account  test

To unregister, follow steps 1-4. On step 5, click the Google Drive down arrow and and select Deauthorize. You may authorize or deauthorize as often as you wish.


Additional Information

As you work, you may open and save files directly from your Google Drive just like any other connected drive. It will appear in the Save dialog box file list just like it does in a computer lab. Click the arrow next to This PC to expand the list and see your Google Drive.

Red arrow pointing to "This PC" dropdown menu to reveal Google Drive saving option

When an App is launched, you may notice a flicker or window appearing briefly in the lower right or left hand corner of your screen. This is your Google Drive being connected to your session.