AppsToGo: Installing Citrix XenApp Browser Plug-in

When using a browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) plug-in there may be some security pop-ups that may prevent access to


Simply click the "Activate Citrix ICA Client" and the message on the right will pop up (it will be at the top left of the browser), click either allow option and the app portal will load.


There is nothing to click on in the Chrome version of the notification. In order to allow the extension to run, Click on the 'puzzle piece with the red X' that is Next to the Favorites/bookmarks Star icon and select allow plug-in and click done and the app portal will load.

Intenet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not appear to generate these messages.


Safari does not appear to generate these messages.

Need Help?

If you are unable to see anything please clear the cache and cookies. See your browser documentation to clear your browsing data including cache and cookies.

If you need any further assistance please contact University of Minnesota Technology Help using any of the methods listed at