Adobe Acrobat DC: Creating Electronic Signatures

Adobe Acrobat DC (Document Cloud) is a program used to read and edit PDF documents.

You can also use it to sign documents electronically.

Electronic signing

You can think of electronic signing like signing a physical document. Electronic signing allows you to agree or acknowledge the document using your computer.

For details on how to electronically sign documents, see Adobe's Sign PDF documents.

Before signing

Be sure to check for any legal or policy issues that may not allow for the use of electronic signatures.

You can look at an overview on laws about electronic signatures in Adobe's Guide.

Downloading the software

University owned devices

Adobe Acrobat DC is in the default software package for university owned devices. It will update itself on a schedule automatically.

If it's missing or you're looking to install an update, you can find it in Software Center or Self Service. For instructions on using these applications, select the appropriate link below:

It is also available from the Software Downloads page.

Note: Adobe Sign is another way to sign documents within Acrobat DC. It is a cloud based service that is not provided within the university's license of Acrobat DC.

Personal devices

Adobe Acrobat DC is not available through the university for personal devices. It's available for purchase from Adobe.

General use tutorials for Acrobat Reader DC

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