Access Request Forms: Complete an ARF PDF Attachment

Users who need access to enterprise systems that contain private data, and/or transaction systems that require additional authentication beyond the standard Internet ID and password authentication must follow the Access Request Form (ARF) and approval processes to obtain appropriate permissions.


Complete the PDF

  1. Work with your supervisor to determine the type of access you need, then visit the Access Request Form (ARF) self-help guide and select the proper form to use. Depending on the type of access you need, the link will either take you directly to a form in ServiceNow to enter your request, or it will open an online PDF form for you to complete.
  2. If the link takes you to a PDF form, save the PDF to your local device (i.e., desktop) before filling it out.
  3. Open the PDF from your local device and type in the requested information.
  4. Save the form to your local device again.
  5. Finally, complete the Access Request Form (ARF) in ServiceNow (identified in step 1) and attach your completed PDF.

Instruction for completing the ARF in ServiceNow

  1. Complete the required fields marked with an asterisk.
    1. Requested By Information Section: Your information will be automatically entered in this section. Please review this information.
    2. s.gifx"Is this request for someone other than yourself? Field: If you are requesting access for someone else other than yourself, select Yes and enter their Internet ID in the space provided. If the person who needs access is not in the list, select No and enter the as much of the contact information for the person as possible in the Statement of Business Need section below. 
    3. Statement of Business Need Section: Summarize the types of data or information you need and the types of work you will be doing.
    4. "Has the person receiving access transferred departments in the past 60 days?" Field: If this request is a result of a transfer within the University, please enter the details in this section.
    5. Employment Status Field: Please select the most appropriate response for the employment status of the person receiving access.
    6. Campus Address and Campus Mail Code Fields: Enter your complete campus mailing address. If Duo token is required for systems access, this is the mailing address we will use. 
    7. "Please enter any corrected or additional demographic/contact information" Section: If you noticed any discrepancies in Step 1, please enter the correct information here.
    8. Supervisor Details Section: Please enter the name and Internet ID of the direct supervisor of the person receiving access. Please note that the person receiving access and the supervisor cannot be the same.
    9. Attachments Section: Select the Ready to attach radio button and an Attachments window will pop up. Select the Choose Files button and then select the completed PDF you saved to your local device. For most requests, we suggest only one attachment. When finished, select the "x" button to close the Attachments window.
    10. "If known, enter the name of the person who approves access" Section: If there is an additional approver required and you know who that person is, enter their Internet ID. Please note this cannot be the same person as the Approving Supervisor from Step h.
    11. Additional Information Section: You may optionally use this space to provide any additional information about the approvers.
  2. Select the Order Now button.

Additional Information

If the applicant encounters difficulties or is uncertain as to which ARFs are required, the Service Desk can escalate an incident to the Data Access and Provisioning team.

The process described in this article was implemented November of 2013 and replaced the old process in which the applicant supplied multiple pages via fax to Data Security.

Note: Some access requires two-factor authentication. This was previously fulfilled via M Key authentication but has now been replaced by Duo Authentication. Please see Setup and Use Duo Security for more information about Duo.