Note: In July 2020, Google+ was rebranded as Google Currents. 

Use Google Currents, Google's social media platform, to share links, photos, videos with your social network.

Google Currents is similar to other social networking sites. The big difference is with Currents, you can choose with whom you want to share these things. It all starts with your profile. Choose what people find when they look for you, and include things like what schools you’ve attended, what companies you’ve worked for, and how people can get in touch with you.

Use Communities to Organize Who You Share With

Communities is a great way to share relevant content with the right people. Communities make it easy to organize your online social world by putting different groups of friends and team members in separate lists, family in another, and whatever other groups you dream up, then easily post different updates to each community. You can create as many communities as you want, make each as large or small as you want, and change (or abandon) any of them whenever you want. 


  • Integrated with your Google account
  • Organize your social world online by creating different communities of friends, family, team members, and more