Sending Email to More Than 25 Recipients


In an effort to reduce spam and phishing, Google is instituting more stringent limitations on mass email. They are limiting the number of messages a user can send from their email account in a day and the number of recipients that message can be sent to. Using a mass email or collaboration tool will help you avoid the limitations.


Using a mass email or collaboration tool will help you avoid the limitations set by Google.

When should you use a mass email or collaboration tool?

  • You need to send email to a large group. You send messages to more than 25 recipients at a time.
  • Your communications are on-going. You send regular emails to a group.
  • Your communication is one-way. You send an “email blast” to inform a group.
  • You need to share documents or interact with your group. A collaboration tool, such as Google Groups, would provide useful built-in features such as document sharing.

Other considerations

  • Can your recipients opt-out? Unless you are sending required University communications, recipients must be able to easily opt-out of the email. If you do not provide this your email will be considered spam.
  • Is it going to a non-U of M audience? If so, University Relations has some additional requirements when sending to an external audience.

Determine which tool is right for you

The University has several email and collaboration tools available: Compare Options for Sending Email to a Group.