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Find a list of enterprise information technology services arranged alphabetically below.





















Academic Technology Spaces
Academic Technology Support Services
Academic Technology Tools Moodle, iClicker, Respondus LockDown Browser, TurningPoint Cloud, Turnitin, VoiceThread, Qualtrics
Authentication Services
Calendaring Google Calendar
Call Center Services Call Center
Center of Excellence for HIPAA Data Box Secure Storage, Proofpoint Secure Email Center
Classroom Recording TechSmith Relay
Collaboration & Web Content Services Google Drive
Computer & Device Purchasing
Computer & Device Support
Computer & Device Support & Maintenance Casper , Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Computer Labs, Learning Spaces, & Testing Centers AppsToGo
Conference Calling
Conflict of Interest Reporting Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement, Report of External Professional Activities, REPA Reports, Financial Disclosure for University Officials
Constituent Relationship Management Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Core CRM
Course & Media Production
Course Management System (Moodle & Related Software) iClicker, Moodle, Respondus LockDown Browser, TurningPoint Cloud, Turnitin, VoiceThread, YouTube, YouTube, Kaltura, Kaltura
Courses & Curriculum Class Search, Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS), Program & Curriculum Approval (PCAS), Schedule Builder, Section Status, University Catalog
Data Center Operations Services
Data Network Services
Data Protection
Database Hosting
Degree Requirements & Planning Academic Progress Audit System (APAS), APLUS, Degree Audit Report System (DARS), Graduating eDegree Application, Graduation Planner, Mid-Term Alert System
Delegations of Authority Program President's Delegation of Authority
Directory Services
Document Collaboration NetFiles, Google Forms, Google Forms, Google Drive, Google Drive, Google Apps, Google Apps
Document Management Perceptive Content, Perceptive Content Web
Education Abroad Education Abroad (Self-Service)
Electronic Grants Management Responsible Conduct of Research Training, Proposal Routing Form, Proposal Prep, EGMS Other Support Database, EGMS Biosketch, Expertise Database
Email Services Google Groups, Google Groups, Proofpoint Secure Email Center, Mail Relay, LISTSERV, Gopher Mail
Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle for Education, Hype Cycle for Education
Employee Training & Tracking ULearn Learning Management, Public Jobs/Private Data Training/Tracking
Enterprise Applications Printing
Enterprise Applications Production Scheduling
Enterprise CRM Salesforce
Enterprise Data Warehouse Administration
Enterprise File Transfer
Enterprise Student Administration PeopleSoft Admissions Module, PeopleSoft Education Abroad Module, PeopleSoft Financial Aid Module, PeopleSoft SEVIS Module, PeopleSoft Student Financials Module, PeopleSoft Student Records Module
Enterprise Web-Based Reporting
Faculty Activity Reporting & Expertise
Finance Administration Services
Finance Administration Systems PeopleSoft Financials (EFS)
First Report of Injury Reporting First Report of Injury (eFROI)
Fully-Managed Server Hosting
Grades & Transcripts Grades (Self-Service), Official Transcripts, Unofficial Transcripts
Hosting Services
Human Resources Administration Services
Human Resources Management System PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Clean Address, HR Data Correction
Identity Management Services
In-Room Video Conferencing
Incident Response, Investigations, Forensic Reviews, & Breach Management
Information Security Consulting
Information Security for Credit Card Environment
Information Security Policies and Guidance
Information Security Risk Management
Instant Messaging Google Chat
Internet and Internet2 Connectivity
Intrusion Detection
IT Liaison
IT Service Management ServiceNow, Knowledge Base, IT Service Status
Jointly Managed Server Hosting
Library Infrastructure Services Library Website, Library MNCAT Discovery
Mass Email Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Groups
Media Processing & Management Kaltura, Media Hub, Media Magnet, Media Mill, YouTube
Media Production Spaces
Network Address Management
Network Firewalls
Noncredit Student Administration Noncredit Course/Event Registration
Occupational Health Compliance Management Animal Exposure Questionnaire, Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Portal
Online Invoice Payment AR Payment
Parent/Guest Access
Portal MyU Portal
Printing Pharos Uniprint
Protected Health Information Training and Tracking Public Jobs/Private Data Training/Tracking
Recruitment CRM Salesforce
Report Archiving Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS)
Reporting Services
Research Administration Services
Research Compliance Management Smartform, Responsible Conduct of Research Reports, Research Subjects Protection Program, Material Transfer Agreement Routing Form, InfoEd, eResearch Central, eProtocol
Research Effort Certification & Reporting Effort Certification v2, Effort Certification v3
Researcher Networking Experts@Minnesota
Search Appliance Google Search Appliance
Secure Email Proofpoint Secure Email Center
Secure Storage Box Secure Storage
Security Vulnerability Monitoring
Self-Help Resources Self-Help Guide Drupal Module,
Self-Managed Environment
Social Media Google+
Software Distribution & Maintenance FlexNet, KeyServer
Software Purchasing & Licensing
Source Code Management GitHub
SSL Certificate Administration
Stock Content
Storage & Data Protection Services Google Drive
Storage Services for the University Community Google Drive
Student Account & Bill Payment
Student Administration Services
Student Admissions Application for Admission (U-hosted), Application for Admission (vendor-hosted), Application Tracker/ApplyStatus, Request for Information (RFI)
Student Financial Aid Electronic Financial Aid Award Notice (FAAN), Electronic Promissory Notes, Financial Aid Exit Interview, Financial Aid Status, Truth in Lending Act Disclosures (TILA)
Student Holds
Student Personal Information Address Verification System, Contact Verification, Personal Information
Student Registration Enrollment Appointments, Enrollment Summary, Law Lottery, Student Web Registration, 13-Credit Exemption Request
Support for Teaching with Technology
Surveys & Polling Software
Technology Training
Telephone Services Unified Communications (Voicemail)
Tenant Server Hosting
Tuition & Fee Setup
UMN Television
University Information Security Services
Usability Services
User Experience Support
Video and Conferencing Services Kaltura, Media Hub, Media Magnet, Media Mill, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Google Hangouts On Air, MediaSite
Video Event Onsite Support Google Hangouts, MediaSite
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Voice Network Services Call Center, Unified Communications (Voicemail)
Web Conferencing Google Hangouts
Web Hosting for Departments
Website Analytics Google Analytics
Website Content Drupal, Drupal Lite, Google Blogger, Classic Google Sites
WiFi Network
Wired Network
Workflow Processing

Enterprise Access Requests

Users of enterprise systems that require additional authentication beyond the standard Internet ID and password, including PeopleSoft, Data Warehouse, and reporting systems, must complete forms to request access.