Qualys: Terminology

  • Asset Groups- List of IP addresses for scanning or reporting
  • Business Unit- University collegiate unit, administrative unit, or system campus
  • Hosts- Computers/workstations, networked devices, servers, network infrastructure
  • Map- Quick discovery map of subnet.
  • Options Profile- Defines the vulnerability checks and scan parameters (speed) and mapping parameters.
  • Owner-Qualys account that maintains the asset group, reports, tickets
  • Remediation-Tickets with Qualys portal used to document mitigation strategy for vulnerability checks that do not auto resolve through re-scans.
  • Scan- Network based vulnerability scan
  • Scanner Appliance- Scans/maps originate from either an external (from Qualys network) or internal (on the University network) scan appliance.
  • Unit Mangers (Business)- Individuals responsible for unit set up/maintenance for their unit
  • Vulnerability Levels- Categories of vulnerabilities are confirmed, potential, or information and within each category, there are 5 severity levels for vulnerabilities. Severity level 5 is the highest severity.

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