Qualys: Maintain Asset Groups

Asset groups are list IP addresses for scanning or reporting on as a group. Also used to limit what IP addresses that a user is allowed to scan or report on.

Follow the naming conventions for Asset Groups. For critical systems asset group, create asset groups that begin with CRITICAL.COLLEGE.DEPT, where college is your college or admin unit name and dept is your departement name. For other asset groups, create asset groups that begin with COLLEGE.DEPT.subgroup _aaa (aaa-each unit can define)..

Go to Assets and select the Asset Groups tab.

Use the workflow to manage the asset group and click Save.

  • IPs, list the IP addresses or IP ranges to include in the Asset Group
  • Domains, choose none
  • Users, select the Users allowed to use this asset group
  • Scanner Appliances, select all listed and select a default scan appliance
  • Business/CVSS Info
    • Critical Systems asset group, change Business Impact to Critical
    • Other parameters (optional)

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