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Project Toolkit & Requirements

The table below identifies the minimum requirements for each type of project/program. The Project Sponsor determines whether the optional items are needed.

To make it easier to use and manage the toolkit documents, they have been combined into a Project Management Workbook which may be found on the Project Workbook Templates page. The workbook may be substituted for the individual documents. When a project is large or has high visibility, it may be preferable to use the individual documents.

Deliverable Template Location Project Size1
Small Medium Large Program
Business Case .doc Standalone document Optional Optional Required Optional
Cost Benefit Analysis .xls Standalone document Optional Optional Optional N/A
Charter .doc Standalone document Optional Required Required Optional
Kickoff Meeting Agenda and Minutes  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Required  Required  Optional
Contact List  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Required  Required  Optional
Assumptions Log  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  Optional
Roles and Responsibilities  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  Optional
RASCI Matrix  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  Optional
Scope Statement  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Required  Required  Required
Work Breakdown Structure  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  N/A
Cost Estimate and Budget  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  Optional
Plan / Schedule  N/A  Project planning tool  Required  Required  Required  Optional
Communication Plan*  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Required  Required  Required
Issue Log*  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  Required
Risk Log*  .xls   Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  Required
Change Request*  .doc   Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  Optional
Change Log*  .xls   Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  Required
Monitor and Control
Status Report  
 Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  Required
Meeting Agenda and Minutes  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  Optional
Lessons Learned Log  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  Optional
Project Closeout Checklist  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  Optional
Project Assessment Survey  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  N/A
Project Assessment Survey Results  .xls  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Optional  N/A
Lessons Learned Meeting Agenda and Minutes  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  Optional
Project Closeout Report  .doc  Standalone document  Optional  Optional  Required  N/A


* Detailed information about this management plan is located in the Project Guides page.

1Project Size

Small Project

  • Expected cost is less than $50,000.
  • Expected duration is less than four months.
  • Risk and complexity are low.
  • Individual unit is involved.

Medium Project

  • Expected cost is $50,000 – $250,000.
  • Expected duration is less than one year.
  • Risk and complexity are medium to high.
  • Multiple people / departments are involved.

Large Project

  • Expense, risk, and / or complexity are high.
  • Anticipated lifecycle is longer than one year.
  • Large number of people / departments are involved.
  • Board of Regents approval is required.
  • Project is listed in six year strategic plan.
  • Full project management methodology is required.
  • Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) conducts phase gate reviews.