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Production Scheduling

The information found on this page mostly pertains to PeopleSoft-centric batch schedules implemented in the AutoSys scheduling tool. Some links from this page require University of Minnesota authentication in order to access them. For more information, contact the scheduling team at

AutoSys System Links

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AutoSys Workload Control Center (WCC)
Release 11.3.6 [Current Release]

AutoSys R11 Documentation

Browsers Supported

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6.16


Process Flows

Document Description

Job Failure Notification (PDF)

Outlines the hand-offs and notifications for identifying scheduled job failures

New Scheduled Item / New Development (PDF)

Explains the process for adding a new item (e.g. program, script, etc.) to the schedule

Schedule Changes (PDF)

Describes the process for requesting a change to an existing schedule



Document Description

Command Line Syntax (PDF)

Defines the elements of the command line

Exit Codes (PDF)

AutoSys Exit Codes and short explanations

Functionality Comparison (PDF)

Side-by-side comparison of tool functionality and business processes

Job Failure Instructions in AutoSys (PDF)

Describes the location for job failure instructions within AutoSys fields

Job Naming Convention (PDF)

Explanation of the naming convention for AutoSys job definitions

How to Format a Schedule Change Email Message (PDF)

Instructions for formatting the schedule change email message

Scheduling Form (PDF)

Scheduling Form (MS Word)

Used to submit details when requesting a change to a job schedule or adding a new item to the schedule

Job Aids

Document Description

Setting Your AutoSys Production Password (PDF)

Instructions for setting your AutoSys password for initial login

Maintaining Your AutoSys Password (PDF) Instructions for changing your AutoSys password, requesting a password reset, and troubleshooting a known password issue.

Logging in and Navigation (PDF)

General background for accessing the AutoSys Workload Control Center (WCC)

Using the Online Forecast (PDF)

Basic information on how to access and review the Scheduled Job Forecast


Basic how-to for finding an AutoSys Job Definition and interpreting the configuration

Using Job Status (PDF)

Basic how-to for locating an AutoSys job and understanding the information related to the job

Identifying PeopleSoft Attributes (PDF)

Describes how to locate the PeopleSoft attributes of a job including: Environment, Run Control ID, Process Name, Operator ID, and Process Instance

Understanding Job Scheduling Dependencies (PDF)

Describes how to interpret job information in the job details


Document Description

Architecture Diagram (PDF)

Picture of the R11 AutoSys environment and the systems to which it connects