NGN: Standards

Network right-sizing standards

Port Harvesting

  • If a port has not been used for 12 months, it will be deactivated (via automation on the first non-holiday Monday after 12 months of inactivity) but not physically disconnected.
  • If the user asks for a deactivated port/jack to be restored within 60 days, we will waive the activation and labor charge.
  • After 60 days, the deactivated port is available to be re-purposed for general service requests.
  • There will be no charge to turn a deactivated port/jack back on if it can be accomplished by just turning it back on.
  • Once the deactivated port is re-purposed it will take a request for new service and normal fees will be charged.
  • An exception process for ports that need to stay active will be available. Exceptions will be granted on an annual basis and must be renewed annually.

Equipment Charges

  • There will not be equipment fees for day to day or reasonable requests to add services.
  • We will continue to charge for order and labor costs as appropriate.
  • This would not apply to Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) projects or remodels with substantial needs (for example, more than 48 ports at a time).
  • For CPPM projects, such as new buildings or remodels, the budget for that project is expected to provide adequate capacity for a 2 year period after move in. All equipment added within this 2 years period will be billable back to the project. After the 2 year period, expansions will fall into this right-sizing plan.
  • Similar to port harvesting above, we would offer an exception process for leadership to review unique requests.

Initial Scope

  • In Scope - Twin Cities, Duluth, Crookston, Rochester, Morris, Twin Cities operated off site locations.
  • Out of Scope - Non Twin Cities operated locations.