Google is retiring classic Sites and replacing it with the new Google Sites. Owners of University of Minnesota classic Sites have until November 30, 2021 to migrate to the new Google Sites. Starting December 2021, any remaining classic Sites will be automatically downloaded as an archive and replaced with a draft in the new Sites experience for site owners to review and publish. This change applies to all system campus domains. 

No action is required by University Google Sites that are currently in new Sites

Migration Timeline

  • July 2017: New Sites became available
  • Aug. 2020: New Sites became the default option for creating Google Sites
  • May 2021: Sites can no longer be created in classic Sites 
  • Oct. 2021: Editing of classic Sites is disabled
  • Nov. 30, 2021: Deadline to migrate classic Sites
  • Dec. 2021: Classic Sites will be retired

More timeline information.

Instructions: How to Migrate

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Determine if you Own Classic Sites

To determine if you currently own any classic Google Sites, open the classic Sites manager. Use the suggested filter to only see Sites that are owned by you

If sites appear on that page, they are classic Sites and will need to be migrated by Nov. 30. You are only responsible for migrating Sites that you own.

Note: If you no longer need your Site, we recommend that you delete it (see steps below).

What if the Site owner is no longer at the University?

If you would like to keep using a classic Site that is shared with you, and the owner is no longer at the University, follow the steps below to manually migrate the Site. Or have them transfer ownership to you, if possible.

Delete Classic Sites you no Longer Need

If you don’t delete or migrate your classic Sites by November 30, 2021, they will be automatically archived and replaced by an unpublished draft in the new Sites. If you no longer need your Site, we recommend that you delete it. 

Delete a Classic Site

  1. Go to the classic Sites manager
  2. Check the box for each Site you want to delete
  3. Select Delete

Note: You can only delete Sites that you own, not Sites that are shared with you. 

Explore University-Supported Website Tools

Google Sites requires very little technical experience to use, but the University of Minnesota offers other website tools that may suit your needs. Compare tools to create a website before you migrate your classic Site. 

Migrate (Option 1): Use Google’s Conversion Tool

You can convert most classic Sites to new Sites. If you can’t convert your Site, you can create a new Site.

Note: The new Google Sites user experience is slightly different than classic Sites. Review what to expect when you convert a site before you use Google’s conversion tool.

Use Google's Conversion Tool

  1. Open a classic Site. Note: If you do not own a Site, you can’t convert it. Contact the Site owner to complete these steps, or have them transfer Site ownership to you.
  2. In the top right, go to Settings.
  3. Select Manage site.
  4. In the left menu, select Convert to new Sites. If this text does not appear, you will need to create a new Site and copy your content there (see steps below to manually move your site).

Complete this process for all of your classic Sites by November 30, 2021.

Migrate (Option 2): Manually Move your Classic Site to New Sites

If you are unable to use Google’s conversion tool to automatically convert your Site, you will need to create a new Site and manually copy/paste your content there.

Create a New Site

  1. Open new Google Sites.
  2. Navigate to the plus sign in the bottom right of your screen and select Create new site.
  3. In the new Sites interface, add pages and insert content boxes.
  4. Copy and paste content from your classic site to your new site, redesigning as needed.
  5. To publish your site, at the top right, select Publish.
  6. Enter a web address for your new site. Optional: To change who can view your site, select Manage.
  7. Select Publish.

Tip: Add a link to your classic Site to direct people to your new Site.

Once you’ve successfully migrated to new Sites, delete your classic Site(s) by November 30, 2021 (see deletion steps above). 

Maintain your New Google Site

For tips on how to design and maintain your Site, visit Google’s Workspace Learning Center.