Duo’s "Remember Me" feature saves you time while keeping your information safe. It is like the "remember my computer" or "keep me logged in" options you may have seen on other websites.

How does it work? It's a setting that gets saved in your browser's cookies. This means, that if you check the "Remember Me for 7 days" box, and use the same computer and browser, you won't have to verify your identity with Duo for 7 days. Note: if you use a different computer or browser, or clear your cache and cookies, you will need to verify your identity with Duo.

The "Remember me" should only be used with a device you own or that is assigned only to you. Never use the feature on public or shared devices.

UMN Sign In screen displayed on an iPad

1. Sign In as Usual

Go to a UMN application and enter your UMN internet ID and password as usual at the UMN Sign-In page.

2. Choose "Remember Me For 7 Days"

If you are using a device you own or that is assigned only to you, when you see the Duo Security authentication screen:

  1. Check the box next to Remember me for 7 days. (You'll find it in small print under the authentication methods.)
  2. Choose an authentication method (one of the green buttons). If you're using the recommended Duo Mobile app, you'll select Send me a Push.
  3. Verify your identity with your Duo-enrolled device or a passcode.

You won’t need to verify your identity with Duo again for the next seven days! For details, see Duo: Use Remember Me.

Note: When you check Remember me for 7 days, your browser is what does the “remembering.” If you use a different computer or browser, you'll be asked to verify your identity with Duo again. 

If You use Automatic Push or Call 

If you have set your Duo account to push or call you automatically, the Duo authentication page is bypassed, and you will not be presented with the "Remember me for 7 days" option. To get to the Authentication page, cancel the Duo push notification or phone call. You will then be returned to the Authentication page where you can check the Remember me for 7 days feature. 

Duo Security verification screen with close up of Remember me for 7 days option
fish swimming toward a hook with a password field dangling from it

Doesn't "Remember Me for 7 Days" Defeat the Purpose of Duo Security?

No. The purpose of Duo Security is make it harder for phishers and cyberthieves to access your information and accounts. If phishers have stolen your password, and you've checked the "Remember me" box, they still cannot get in to your accounts (unless they have also stolen your device).

After checking Remember Me for 7 days you can only bypass the Duo authentication step on the device and browser you were using at the time you checked the box.