Drupal 7 will retire in November 2022 (see extended support details below) and Drupal 8 was retired for the University at the end of July 2021. As a result, all University Drupal Enterprise and Lite websites need to be transitioned to the newest version, Drupal 9. Once a version is retired, support is no longer provided by the community at large, and the Drupal Security Team will no longer support or announce security advisories for core or contributed modules, themes, or other projects.

This page provides step-by-step instructions and other resources to help you transition your websites by the deadline. 

Prepare for the Transition

Follow these instructions to prepare both Drupal Enterprise and Drupal Lite sites for the transition.

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Determine who is moving your site

If you are unsure which site(s) you own/administer, contact Technology Help for assistance. 

Consult these guidelines if you are unsure about what version of Drupal your site is in. 

Option 1: Move your site(s) in-house

If your team has a web developer (or someone in a similar role) who can move your site, refer to the "Move your website to Drupal 9" section below. 

Option 2: Use a contractor to move your site

If you are unable to complete the transition in-house, the University of Minnesota has created a list of pre-approved contractors who can transition your Drupal sites for you.

To access the list, visit the U-Wide Agreement Website.

  • Select "Category" to sort alphabetically
  • Scroll down to the "Drupal Consultant" category
  • View agreements 

Create a Content Inventory

To ensure that you can efficiently move your website, create a content inventory and start sorting through your content. This will give you an opportunity to review your entire site, so you can move important content and remove unnecessary content.

Find other self-help resources in the "Featured Resources" sections of the Drupal Enterprise and Drupal Lite pages to help plan your transition. 

Budget enough time to move your site(s)

Plan for 6 months to one year for this work to be completed for each of your websites. Review the transition timeline to ensure you budget enough time.

Transition Timeline

  • June 2019: Transition was announced
  • November 2020: All new Drupal sites are created in Drupal 9 by default
  • January 2021: UMN no longer creates new websites in Drupal 8
  • July 2021: Deadline to move Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 8 for OIT to update them to Drupal 9; Drupal 8 was retired for University
  • July 2022: Drupal Lite 7 is retired
  • November 2022: Drupal Enterprise 7 is retired

Transition a Drupal Lite Site

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Option 1 (Recommended): Wait for the OIT Drupal Team to migrate your site

  • During the next year, OIT will continue to reach out to site owners to discuss the migration steps
  • OIT will contact you when we are ready to migrate your site
  • Once your site is migrated, we will work with you to schedule the launch of your Drupal Lite 9 site
    • You will still need to verify the content on your site and make any adjustments for Drupal Lite 9
  • If you would prefer your site to be moved by OIT in the upcoming months, fill out this form and you will be moved up to the top of the list

Option 2: Re-create your site in Drupal Lite 9

Recreating your own site will give you more flexibility in terms of timing. To get started, request a new Drupal Lite site

Refer to the Drupal Lite Self-Help Guide when you are creating your site. 

Move your website to Drupal Enterprise 9

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Request a Drupal 9 site

Rebuild your site in Drupal 9

Refer to the Drupal User Guide when building your new website. 

Important: Avoid using deprecated code and modules when you are building your Drupal 9 site. The first release of Drupal 9 will remove deprecated code and update dependencies to newer versions.

Move content to your new site as needed

Use the Folwell Web Theme

The University strongly recommends using the Folwell Web Theme, a resource library with design and code already in place. This will save you time because Folwell is packaged with your Drupal enterprise 9 site. You can use it as designed or add your own customizations to work with your unit's identity.

If you have questions about the Folwell Web Theme, visit the Folwell support site.

Complete your transition by November 2022

You must move your sites directly into Drupal 9 by November 2022.