In June 2020, Acquia notified the University that has extended support for Drupal 7 by one year to November 2022. 

Drupal 8 is still being retired in November 2021. Since Drupal 7 will be available longer than Drupal 8, all UMN websites that remain in Drupal 7 after July 2021 will now need to be transitioned directly to Drupal 9 before November 2022.

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Note: The information on this page does not apply to Drupal Lite. For information about Drupal Lite sites and the transition from Drupal Lite 7 to Drupal Lite 8, visit the Drupal Lite technology page

Drupal 8 Highlights

  • The content authoring experience: making life easier for everyday users
  • Media management capabilities: supporting more content types and with oEmbed available out of the box
  • Accessibility improvements: increased emphasis in accessibility in Drupal 8 driven by the Drupal community
  • The mobile experience: enabling you to responsive-ize everything
  • Folwell Web Theme integration: fully designed and branded system that is usable out of the box
  • Theme development: easier experience for those customizing your own theme

Transition Timeline

Drupal Transition Timeline

How to prepare for the transition

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Stop creating Drupal 7 sites

As of July 1, 2019, the University no longer supports development of Drupal 7 sites on DEV and STG environments that do not have corresponding production sites. 

Learn more about the end of support for Drupal 7 DEV and/or STG sites without PROD environments.

Determine who is moving your site

If you are unsure which site(s) you own/administer, contact Technology Help for assistance. 

Consult these guidelines if you are unsure about what version of Drupal your site is in. 

Option 1: Move your site(s) in-house

If your team has a web developer (or someone in a similar role) who can move your site, refer to the "Move your website to Drupal 8" section below. 

Option 2: Use a contractor to move your site

If you are unable to complete the transition in-house, the University of Minnesota has created a list of pre-approved contractors who can transition your Drupal sites for you.

To access the list, visit the U-Wide Agreement Website.

  • Select "Category" to sort alphabetically
  • Scroll down to the "Drupal Consultant" category
  • View agreements

Note: You do not have to use a contractor. 

Prepare your Drupal 7 site

Create a content inventory and start sorting through the content from your Drupal 7 site in preparation for the move to Drupal 8 (move important content and remove unnecessary content).


Find other self-help resources on the Drupal enterprise page to help plan your transition. 

Review the transition timeline details

Transition Timeline

  • June 2019-July 2021: Drupal 7 sites transition to Drupal 8
  • November 2020: Drupal 9 becomes available on UMN Drupal platform
  • January 2021: UMN will no longer create new websites in Drupal 8
  • July 2021: Deadline to move sites to Drupal 8 for OIT to update them to Drupal 9
  • November 2021: Drupal 8 reaches end-of-life
  • November 2022: Drupal 7 reaches end-of-life

Budget enough time to move your site(s)

Plan for 6 months to a year for this work to be completed for each of your websites.

Move your website to Drupal 8

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Request a Drupal 8 site

Rebuild your site in Drupal 8

Refer to the Drupal 8 User Guide when building your new website. 

Important: Avoid using deprecated code and modules when you are rebuilding your Drupal 8 site. The first release of Drupal 9 will remove deprecated code and update dependencies to newer versions. OIT will automatically move sites to Drupal 9 starting in Fall 2020 and will reach out to you if your site has deprecated code to make necessary adjustments before moving it to Drupal 9.

Learn more about deprectated code

Move content to your new site as needed

Use the Folwell Web Theme

Since the transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 requires full re-implementation of your site, the University strongly recommends using the Folwell Web Theme, a resource library with design and code already in place. This will save you time because Folwell is packaged with your Drupal enterprise 8 site. You can use it as designed or add your own customizations to work with your unit's identity.

If you have questions about the Folwell Web Theme, visit the Folwell support site

Complete your transition by July 2021

Your site should be fully transitioned by July 2021 to ensure OIT has enough time to move your site to Drupal 9 when it becomes available.