In February 2020, Adobe changed the way it licenses Acrobat Pro Document Cloud (DC). This means that faculty and staff will need to use their University sign-in to access the application starting in November 2020. 

Note: The specific processes and information on this page only apply to those using Adobe Acrobat under the OIT enterprise license. Other University license holders are impacted by this change, but may require different processes. 

What is changing?

New Sign-in Process

Adobe is changing the way Acrobat Pro licensing works. Before this change, those with access to Acrobat Pro would simply open the app and begin working. Now, current faculty and staff must use their University sign-in to access Acrobat Pro. This change will make it easier to use Acrobat Pro on personal devices as well as University-owned devices (see Work-At-Home Access section below). 

Who has Access

Faculty and Staff

University faculty and staff can continue to access Acrobat Pro under the Office of Information Technology (OIT) enterprise license. 

Student Employees, TA's, RA's

Have your supervisor email [email protected] to request that we assign you a license if your job has a requirement that you use Adobe Acrobat Pro for your work or research.

Faculty Emeritus

Email [email protected] and request that you be assigned an Acrobat Pro license if you use it for your research and continued UMN-related work.

Sponsored, Person of Interest, and Guest account holders who use UMN owned devices

If your UMN work requires you to use Adobe Acrobat Pro, have your supervisor email [email protected] to request that you be provided with a license that can be used on UMN-owned devices.

Who does not have Access

The following accounts will not be able to access Acrobat Pro under the OIT license:

  • Student
  • Sponsored (unless using a UMN-owned device, see above)
  • Departmental
  • Retired staff
  • Retired faculty (faculty emeritus, see above)

Process for Acrobat Pro DC Enterprise License

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If you already have Acrobat installed on your device

Upon opening the Acrobat Pro application, you will be prompted to sign in. To sign in, enter your UMN email address, and if asked to select a 'Personal' or 'Company or School' account, select 'Company or School'. Then continue and sign in with your UMN internet ID and password.

See Sign in to Acrobat Pro DC Enterprise license for complete sign in directions.

If you need to install Acrobat on your device

Download from Self Service or Software Center and follow the instructions to sign in

Acrobat Pro Sign-in Process from Creative Cloud License

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud license that includes Acrobat, use the Creative Cloud-specific process to access Acrobat Pro.

Work-At-Home Access

Acrobat is also available for Work-At-Home use under our Acrobat Pro DC Enterprise license. This is available for current faculty and staff, for installation on personally-owned computers.
See installation directions for personal devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I lose access to Acrobat Pro due to this change?

All current staff and faculty members will retain access to Adobe Acrobat Pro. In fact, this change allows us to be able to offer Work-At-Home access once again, which means Acrobat is available to be downloaded on personal devices as well.

Student staff may request Acrobat Pro through Technology Help or by emailing [email protected].

Current students and retired faculty will not have access to Acrobat Pro. 

Can I install Acrobat Pro on my personal computer?

Current University faculty and staff have access due to Work-At-Home access. Students, retired faculty and staff, and sponsored accounts may not install on personal devices.

Do I have access to Adobe Sign?

No. The University of Minnesota’s ETLA agreement for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC does not include Adobe Sign. If you need access to Adobe Sign, it must be purchased under a VIP agreement.

Does the University of Minnesota have an Enterprise agreement for Adobe Creative Cloud?

No. The University of Minnesota only has an Enterprise license agreement with Adobe for Acrobat Pro DC. All other Adobe Creative Cloud products must be purchased separately under an Adobe VIP agreement. 

Why when I sign in to Acrobat Pro am I getting a message that says I only have a 7 day free trial?

This most likely is happening because you have chosen the incorrect sign-in path. See Sign in to Acrobat Pro DC Enterprise license to sing in to the University’s Enterprise license for Acrobat.

Can Adobe Acrobat be run remotely under this new license type (via RDP, or AppsToGo)?

Virtualization is not supported for Adobe Creative Cloud products, including Acrobat Pro DC. All current staff and faculty can download the software directly from Adobe.

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