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PeopleSoft Documentation

Application Version Information

Application & VersionMaintenance LevelPeopleTools VersionOracle DBMS Version
PeopleSoft Portal Solutions Interaction Hub 9.1Revision 3 (as of July 31, 2016)8.55.2112.1.0.2
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2Image 7 (as of December 17, 2017)8.55.2112.1.0.2
PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.2Image 18* (as of November 20, 2016)8.55.2112.1.0.2
PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.2Image 23* (as of October 29, 2017)8.55.2112.1.0.2
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) 5 (as of November 22, 2015)n/a12.1.0.2
Elasticsearch 2.3.2DPK04 (as of November 12, 2017)n/a12.1.0.2

*Selective patching has been applied; the Image listed is the most recent "full" Image that has been applied.

Documentation - PeopleTools

Documentation from Oracle about the PeopleTools platform is provided below.

Doc ItemDetails
PeopleTools Windows Client Utilities (e.g. Application Designer)
PeopleTools PeopleBooks
(Oracle hosted)
Current: 8.55
Future: 8.56
Previous: 8.54; 8.53; 8.52
PeopleTools Certified Browsers
(Sources: Oracle Support Certification Database; Browser Compatibility Guide for PeopleSoft Applications PeopleTools 8.42 - 8.56 (Doc ID 704492.1))

PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55 is certified with the following browser versions (last updated 1/7/2018):

Browser Compatibility Guide for PeopleSoft Applications - "This document discusses the identified differences and issues that you might encounter as you use your PeopleSoft application with specific browser versions. ... In addition to noting situations in which PeopleSoft application and browser updates correct these issues, this document also provides work-arounds—when possible."

Documentation - Applications

Documentation from Oracle about the PeopleSoft applications used at the University (Campus Solutions, Enterprise Financial System, Human Resources Management System, and Interaction Hub) are provided below.

Application ReleaseDocumentation (Oracle Site)
CS 9.x

CS 9.2 PeopleBooks (through Update Image 6)

CS 9.0 PeopleBooks (through Bundle 34)

FS 9.x

FS 9.2 PeopleBooks (through Update Image 19)

HCM 9.x

HCM 9.2 PeopleBooks (through Update Image 18)

Portal 9.x

PO 9.1 PeopleBooks (through Revision 3)

The PeopleSoft system as used at the University of Minnesota is large, complex, and highly tailored to the University's environment.  Instance refreshes, code migrations, and application of patches/bundles/regulatory releases are frequent, ongoing events.

OIT provides development support and codes all application customizations and software integrations to these applications. In addition to exposing core PeopleSoft functionality, OIT develops and maintains a wide variety of web self-service applications that interface to PeopleSoft via an innovative XML-based service layer. Many students and staff members interact with these external self-service applications, as opposed to the native PeopleSoft screens.