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March 4, 2019
UM Analytics dashboard is a great place to learn how to use a wide variety of technologies with online training videos taught by industry experts.

Tableau is a data visualization software that is used by many units at the University to gain insight and understanding through visualization of enterprise data.

Here’s a sampling of courses for those who would like to learn the basics or add to their knowledge of Tableau:

Tableau 10 Essential Training
Learn how to analyze and display data using Tableau Desktop. Topics include how to summarize data and how to create, manipulate, and share data visualizations. (4h, 41m)

Tableau 10: Mastering Calculations
Learn how to summarize data using aggregate functions, calculate the sum of a collection of values, work with times and dates, create conditional calculations, and more. (3h 24m)

Creating Interactive Dashboards in Tableau 10
Explore your data in new ways with interactive dashboards in Tableau. (2h 24m)

Tableau 10 for Data Scientists
Learn how to format and filter messy data, use Tableau for data analysis, and visualize data with maps and dashboards. (2h 24m)

To see a complete catalog of courses from Lynda, go to:

If you would like to connect with other UMN Tableau users, go to: UMN Tableau User Group.