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Teaching with Canvas Workshop and Canvas Self-Help Guides

January 25, 2018
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In collaboration with Academic Technology Support Services, we have developed a new workshop that explores principles and practices for creating student-centered and sustainable course sites with Canvas. Participants will have the opportunity to work with their own course material or with sample course sites during hands-on activities.

Topics include:

  • Content delivery: Delivering robust instructional material in a way that supports students’ ability to find, use, and make meaning of information.
  • Assessment: Designing opportunities to practice, refine and assess skills and knowledge that culminate in an overall determination that the learning goals have been reached.
  • Community building: Creating a learning community that engages students with their instructor and peers around course content in order to construct deeper meaning and understanding.

To register for the workshop, go to: CNV032 - Teaching with Canvas Workshop.

Canvas Self-Help Guides

In addition to the workshop, we have developed several self-help guides that provide how-to instructions and information on good practice for working in Canvas.