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(Ongoing) Live Training from Canvas

Canvas Transition

The UMN academic community has access to synchronous, interactive, online training events from Canvas trainers every day of the week (Monday-Friday). Multiple training topics are offered, ranging from Canvas basics to discipline-specific topics. A free training account is required to view and register for the full spectrum of events.

Step 1: Create a free training account to view and enroll in training sessions

Step 2: View and register for training sessions (You must be create a training account and be signed in to see the list of sessions. This account is different from your UMN Canvas account. If you do not sign in you will see “No events at this time.”)

Below are examples of synchronous online training sessions offered by Canvas:

Welcome to Canvas

  • Course basics

  • First Look

  • The Student Experience

Building Block Series

  • Gradebook and Speedgrader

  • Course Communications

  • Content Pages

  • Leveraging Modules

  • Group Work & Collaboration

Classroom Application Series

  • Outcomes & Rubrics

  • Data for Teachers

  • Canvas for Math & Science

  • Canvas for the Arts

Showcase Series

  • Mobile Apps: The Teacher App

  • Exploring the Canvas Commons

  • Mastery Paths Introduction

  • Accessibility