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Wolfram|Alpha Pro available to University students, faculty and staff

More than just a search engine, the product aims to provide a new way to get knowledge and answers by doing dynamic computations
March 1, 2016
example searches by students in Wolfram|Alpha product
Example searches

I am able to view more terms in a series expansion with WAP, and I find that the step-by-step solutions can be very helpful when I get stuck solving more complicated equations. 

The University's institutional license with Wolfram|Alpha grants current students, faculty and staff free access to the Pro version of the service.

Get a Wolfram|Alpha Pro account.

Students, faculty or staff members currently paying for Wolfram|Alpha Pro should refrain from renewing their subscription and utilize the University's institutional license agreement moving forward.


Wolfram|Alpha uses a knowledge database curated by experts to automatically answer questions and generate dynamic computations. Its ability to understand free-form inputs makes it more powerful and useful than general search engines.

"A search engine just simply matches an inquiry with the closest related result, which certainly won't always be accurate," Roger Graves, Wolfram Academic Account Executive said. "Wolfram|Alpha is an actual dynamic computational engine that understands natural language and provides intelligent results based on the Wolfram language and our trillions of bits of curated data."

Wolfram|Alpha Pro's features include:

  • step-by-step solutions,
  • a problem generator,
  • image and data input,
  • file uploads,
  • an extended keyboard,
  • extended computation time and
  • more

Benefits for Students

These features are often useful for students on homework assignments or projects.

"The reason that I like WAP is because of the added versatility that it offers," University of Minnesota student Sam Teisberg said. "For instance, I am able to view more terms in a series expansion with WAP, and I find that the step-by-step solutions can be very helpful when I get stuck solving more complicated equations. Also, when quickly plotting a data set or complex function, Wolfram Alpha is much more intuitive to use than other software programs, and WAP allows for more viewing and upload/download options."

"When you enter a complicated integral or differential equation for your Calculus class, for example, you will get an answer right away," Graves said. "You can click on 'Step by Step Solutions' and W|A Pro will walk you through each step, providing hints and techniques to make sure you have a solid understanding."

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

The service also can be useful for faculty and staff. The problem generator can be used to help generate homework assignments and the service's analytic capabilities can be used to analyze classroom statistics and data.

Benefits for All

There are no restrictions on Wolfram|Alpha Pro's use, so students, faculty and staff can use the service for University-related work or for personal use at no cost. Despite its complex capabilities, Wolfram|Alpha is extremely user-friendly.

"If you can type out your thoughts in plain english, Wolfram|Alpha will understand and compute your answer instantaneously," Graves said. "It requires zero programming language and does a great job of getting precise answers quickly."