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Click! Print! Delivered! WiFi printing for students is here

July 25, 2016
WiFi Printing

University of Minnesota students on the Twin Cities campus now have the ability to print documents directly from their personal computers to printers in Office of Information Technology (OIT)-managed printing locations via the University’s WiFi network.

WiFi printing to OIT-managed printers is available for Windows and Apple operating systems. To use WiFi printing, visit to download the necessary printer drivers for your operating system. Once the drivers are installed on your laptop, you will be able to use WiFi printing in any of the nine OIT-managed locations on the Twin Cities campus.

Students also may send documents from their personal computers to OIT-managed printers from off-campus locations using the AnyConnect VPN application to provide a secure connection. Visit the WiFi printing website to download AnyConnect and learn how to connect to the University network from off campus.

For more information, visit