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WebEx upgrade improves user experience

July 9, 2016
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On the evening of July 8, WebEx was upgraded with a refreshed interface and new functionality for a better user experience. This upgrade does not affect the functionality of WebEx and previously scheduled meetings will operate as usual.

Upgrade Details

Personal Meeting Room Enhancements

Did you know that WebEx is more than a tool for holding scheduled meetings with a group of people? Your account also comes with a Personal Meeting Room function. The Personal Meeting Room allows you to meet instantly and easily, without scheduling. It's also a great option for holding online office hours. Improvements to the personal meeting room include:

  • No InterCall account needed and free to use
    With the transition from InterCall to WebEx Audio in June, the Personal Meeting Room is now available at no extra cost and an InterCall account is no longer required to use it. With WebEx audio, attendees can connect with a telephone or their computer microphone.

Note: Due to cost control efforts, Personal Meeting Room is intended for meetings with 25 or fewer attendees. If you expect more than 25 users, contact IT Video and Conferencing Services for additional options.

  • Avatars
    Avatars provide a more personalized and interactive meeting experience. You can create one using any picture you choose.

  • Customizable pages
    You can now customize your Personal Room page to make it unique to you. This includes uploading an image for your avatar and adding other images to your wall. The new design also makes it easier to join recently visited Personal Rooms or see who is waiting in your Personal Room lobby.

  • Better notifications
    When someone is trying to join your personal meeting room, their name will appear in the subject line of the email notification instead of the current generic e-mail notification.

Microsoft Office 2016 Compatibility
WebEx now officially supports Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac.

Removal of Shared Web Content Feature
You will no longer have the option to share web content from the Share menu.

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For questions or comments, please contact Technology Help at 612-301-4357 (1-HELP). If you need additional help with your upcoming meetings you can also schedule a consultation.