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The Upgrade goes live! Transition to new system progresses smoothly

April 20, 2015
photograph of two laptops

Early this morning the upgraded PeopleSoft systems went live. Over the past 10 days, The Upgrade team worked around the clock to take the old PeopleSoft systems down and then,  step-by-documented-step, engage and test the new systems. Today, the University community logged in for business.

The systems have been up for about eight hours now, and while there have been some issues, they are not critical to University operations. Call volume was up at Technology Help and other service desks across the system, but both the Advance teams and service desk personnel were responding efficiently to user questions.

Over the next 60 days, as the U community learns to navigate the systems—and as we work out the inevitable bugs—Enhanced Support will be available. During Enhanced Support, help desks across the system will have additional staff, and local unit Advance Team members are at the ready to answer questions and provide guidance. Likewise, all IT@UMN staff have been called upon by VPCIO Scott Studham to “step out from behind your desk to support the University during this transition...demonstrate compassion, exhibit empathy, and remain positive.”

Everyone at the University will be affected by this upgrade in some way. Some changes will feel great and others will feel uncomfortable or frustrating. Ultimately, we know The Upgrade had to be done; our old systems were no longer viable to support. Going forward, we’ll have streamlined, secure, supportable systems that will enable the University to continue to serve our students and our community.