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Updated Transition Timeline

April 20, 2018
Planned change: ULearn to training hub

In the March 22 transition support email, we shared a training system timeline regarding access to ULearn and Training Hub for training admins, learners and the University. In that timeline, we communicated that learners would no longer have access to ULearn as of midnight on May 31.

Please note: In order to accommodate final activities related to ULearn’s performance management function, we are extending learner access to ULearn to midnight on June 1. This means the timeline has shifted one day for training admins to complete their final cutover tasks. Previously you needed to complete your cutover tasks June 1 - 3. The new dates for completing your cutover tasks are Saturday, June 2 - Monday June 4.

Timeline for cutover weekend

These tasks were discussed in the April 11 transition support email and include:

  • Re-entering enrollments you’ve taken in ULearn for training you will offering through the Training Hub.
  • Updating all links to your courses.
  • Announcing to your learners that your courses become available to them in the Training Hub Tuesday, June 5. Previously, we  indicated this date would be June 4.

The transition website has been updated to reflect the new timeline. Please let us know if you have questions.

Thank you,

Kathy Breitenbach, service owner, User Experience Support

Lisa Zinnel, project manager, Training System Transition